A study was released in May 2017 by Aspiring Minds that shows how poor the quality of programming is in India. According to their study only 36% of engineers can write compilable code. Compiling code is the action of taking source code and turning it into a program. Not being able to write compilable code is akin to a construction worker that can’t frame a wall, or a butcher that can’t cut meat. Uncompilable code is useless.

Additionally only 2.21% of engineers can write fully functional code with "best practices". This another scary thought. "Best practices" are how we write code that can be easily shared and understood by other developers.  This is important for both the initial development, and for long term maintainability. Best practices also mitigate the potential for security issues, both known and unknown.  In the current landscape, programs are constantly being probed by malicious actors, with the intent of compromising the system for use in nefarious acts.  By avoiding these well established practices the likelihood of being hacked increases dramatically, placing your data at risk.  A security breach can be costly, the hacks of Target and Home Depot cost millions of dollars and compromised their customers data.  As we move forward with 2018 we will see even more large companies compromised, costing them their reputation and large sums of money to fix.

India has been growing over the last two decades as a place to get a project developed inexpensively. Unfortunately this cost savings doesn’t really exist. The final product, more often then not, is not usable or places your company at risk. We’ve been brought in to fix projects that started with off-shore developers. Almost every time we have found that to fix the current codebase would be more expensive then scraping the work that has been done and starting over. This brings costly delays, and budget overruns to the client.

Being an intelligent purchaser of technology, or development services is difficult. Technology changes so rapidly it’s a full time job just to stay informed. This is where we bring you an advantage. We spend our time understanding the tech, then for your project we work to educate you with what’s relevant to the project. Allowing you to make informed decisions that best serve your company.

UPDATE June 22, 2018

Check out the ongoing Atlanta Ransomware attack, as we covered in the blog post 'Poor IT Design Creates Rich IT Consultants' to see how poor security can cause long term and costly problems.