The Yaniz Corporation was founded in 2016, but our story begins much earlier.  Our origin starts as a small custom programing and web development company called Cyber Pathways that founded in 1999 by Brandon J. Yaniz.  This company was created during the peak of the dot com bubble to provide custom programing services.  As technology evolved so did the offerings, web, server, and eventually mobile technology were all offered.  Working on a wide array of projects Cyber Pathways was a small successful company.

Why the name change?

The founder of the company was never really happy with the name Cyber Pathways.  It was long, and to him sounded very "90ish".  As the company grew we had to evolve our corporate structure from a DBA to an incorporated company, this provided us with an opportunity to rename, and the Yaniz Corporation came to be.  While we now have a new name, our quality and commitment to providing value to our clients stays the same.

What's Changed?

Over the last few years we have evolved our services from development focused to consultative, working with your business to identify the best solutions. This has allowed us to take the knowledge we have accumulated over the last 20 years and put it to better use.

What do we do?

What we do is simple, we work with your company to solve your problems with a technology solution.  We work with your company, learn about your culture and process, then identify what solutions will solve your problem while bringing you value.  We are against our clients buying technology for the reason of buying technology.  There has to be solid business rational to the solution being purchased.  By working with your business in a consultative role first, we find that we can offer the best recommendations possible.  Our goal is to be your competitive advantage, allowing for you to increase market share and profit.  This is why we are always the first and only call made by our clients when they have a problem, and why our clients stay with us.