Joomla! is an amazing open source content management system (CMS), while not as widly used as WordPress it has it's own set of strengths.  Secure, easy to use, and most importantly expandable.  Joomla!  is the swiss army knife of CMS's catering to both developers as well as having a focus on usability.

YAnalytics allows for local traffic analysis.  Track conversions, dwell time, referrer, and more.

ySEO is a set of foundational SEO tools for Joomla! 3+.  With Googles moving to "Mobile First" we are seeing more importance placed on page speed load.  Additionally search engines are using the presence of website optimizations to determine ranking. This toolkit assists in minifying, moving, and caching content.

The YContrast Module for Joomla! 3+ brings the ability to change the visual nature of a website.