ySEO is a set of foundational SEO tools for Joomla! 3+.  With Googles moving to "Mobile First" we are seeing more importance placed on page speed load.  Additionally search engines are using the presence of website optimizations to determine ranking. This toolkit assists in minifying, moving, and caching content.

ySEO improves page load times by:

  • Minifying CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.
  • Intelligent asset placement for "above the fold" and "below the fold" items
  • Condensing repeating libraries such as JQuery.
  • Shifts loading of libraries to CDN's.
  • Built in, always on intelligent caching of CSS and JavaScript.

Contained within this package:

  • com_YAssetManager - Allows for optimizing how external assets such as CSS and JavaScript are displayed within a page.
  • plg_YSEO - Plugin to minify, move, and condense CSS, JS, and HTML.
  • lib_yaniz - The foundational library we use in building all our components, plugins, modules, and templates.

This product is currently in closed beta.