Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process where a website is optimized to improve natual or organic ranking  within a search engine.  Improving the organic ranking of a website increases visibility and there by increases traffic.  SEO is a type of marketing and should fit within a companies overall marketing strategy.  Our goal is to create and implement a strong and dynamic strategy that will continue to evolve with your marketing goals.

It is important to have an SEO plan or strategy.  If you do not have this step, you may overlook an important element to good SEO.  Many of these can be fixed at a later date, but it is most efficient, for both time and expense, to implement a strategy start to finish.  If you have an existing online presence, an SEO plan will review what practices you are already using, how you are using them, and if they are being used effectively.  This review will also expose any elements that may have been overlooked.  Once the strengths and weaknesses of a site have been determined, a proposal for optimization can be developed.  Depending on the site, and goals, search engine optimization can range from expanding/editing content, to fixing backend technical problems, to a complete redesign and relaunch of the site.  This plan will also tell you what is needed, what is recommended, and an estimate on the cost and time requirements for each phase of optimization.

The content, or copy, of a website is more than just words.  It is the story of your company, it is the means by which you connect your audience to your product or service.  Without it, no one knows what you are offering or why they should visit your website at all - this includes Google.  For the past few years Google has been parsing the content of webpages and using algorithms to determine if a website is a strong match for keyword search queries.  If the algorithms does not find the keywords and contextual content (LSI) it would expect on a given topic, it will lower a site's ranking, if it presents the site as a result to the search at all.  As of 2018, Google has begun placing a lot more emphasis on this process when determining rankings, and a lot of sites are suffering for it.