Over the last two decades it has become vital that a company have a website for customer communication, to serve as a central point in any marketing campaign, and most important for credibility.  Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Wix, there are many options available.  But which option is best for your company?  That's the question we answer for you.  We work with your company to understand your needs, how you interact with your clients, and what your marketing goals are.  We do this so that we can recommend and implement the right solutions for you.

Once your web project is completed and launched, and an SEO program has been established it's easy to believe that all that is left is to sit back and let the website run.  This is not the case.  Once a website is launched it needs to be maintained, updates need to be evaluated, tested and applied in a timely manner.  The design and functionality needs to be tested with each update, and sometimes the visual experience needs to be updated to accommodate a change or addition of functionality.  This is called Active Site Maintenance.

A website has become the single most important part of any marketing effort.  Having a well designed website provides credibility, gives customers information about your company, and serves as a central point for your marketing efforts.

A Web Application is a program that solves a business problem which runs within a web browser.  This has many advantages over compiled programs such as being cross-platform, fast updates, client-server by default, lower costs of maintenance and deployment, etc.   Many traditionally compiled client-server programs have been rebuilt as a web applications.