Once your web project is completed and launched, and an SEO program has been established it's easy to believe that all that is left is to sit back and let the website run.  This is not the case.  Once a website is launched it needs to be maintained, updates need to be evaluated, tested and applied in a timely manner.  The design and functionality needs to be tested with each update, and sometimes the visual experience needs to be updated to accommodate a change or addition of functionality.  This is called Active Site Maintenance.

Maintaining a website can be a time consuming, but necessary process.  

While it's commonly portrayed as a safe place, the internet is actually very dangerous for websites.  Hackers are always working to build systems that automatically scour the web and break into websites.  Once a website has been successfully compromised the attackers will steal your clients data, or inject backdoors, coin miners, malware, cryptojackers, botnets, or any number of scary sounding programs.  Almost all new websites are run on a Content Management System (CMS), these are systems that provide powerful publishing, ecommerce, and other interactive functionality.  But like any program of a certain level of complexity there can be security issues. 

Every company is effected by security issues, most App or OS updates provide fixes for discovered vulnerabilities.  Companies like Microsoft and Apple spend a lot of time and money searching for these vulnerabilities and issuing patches to fix them.  A CMS is no different, as vulnerabilities are discovered they are fixed and a patch is released.

This is where Active Site Maintenance is important.  When a patch is released it needs to be evaluated, tested and then deployed.  Hackers are very informed of what vulnerabilities are currently known, and are looking for new and undiscovered security issues.  So when a patch is released having it applied in a timely manner is vital to keep a website secure.  Most companies lack the budget or skillset to keep up-to-date on what been discovered and patched, or have the ability to evaluate, test and deploy the fix.  This is where we come in.

The Yaniz Corporation is always up-to-date on the newest threats, and ready to apply a fix as soon as available.  This limits the time a website is exploitable.  Contact us to learn more about how we can help keep your website secure and running smooth.